Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Murder Free For Over A Decade.

This is going to be a quick rant about being stupid (me, that is).

Okay, so I know I said in an earlier post that I loved summer.

I am clearly delusional. Clearly.

I do NOT love summer. Well, I don't hate it. When I wake up, I'm like, "Oooh, it's summer! YEAH BABY." Then it's 35 bloody degrees Celcius plus humidity (around 105 for my American friends), the baby is whiny, the AC craps out and I have to try to keep kids from killing each other. For some random reason, I scheduled us 'visits' all over the damned place, on different weekends (which is the only chance I have to relax for a minute or two with the kids by myself), all the way into Sept. What? Why? What was I thinking? Oh, right, forethought isn't my strongest ability.

Clearly delusional about my ability to cope with this shit again.

Before I realized what summer would be like, I signed the girls up for swim lessons. Every day. From 10-11 am. Which, luckily enough, over laps naptime, so none of that. We don't need no stinking naps. Really? Why did I think that?!?!?!? I need naps.

Then, when that didn't seem like it would be hectic enough, Brat wanted to do "Zumbatomic" (kids zumba) with her little friend for an hour every day. Yeah, I enjoy taking a baby to a class where she isn't allowed to run about (I strained a hip flexor a couple weeks ago, and running after her is just the stupidest thing anyone has ever seen).

And now, I'm taking two children on a picnic and to a splash pad after zumba tomorrow. Not both those children are mine, I'm doing a friend a favour, and at least I won't have to chase the baby about- that's sort of like a 'break'.

Thankful. I am thankful that tomorrow is a day when Monster is going to the sitter for a few hours, and I can relax my guard- even if it's only a couple hours.

Saturday, D and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary ("celebrating"= dinner and an early bed these days). I am thankful for that. Thankful that I haven't killed him this year, and hopeful that I'll keep my streak up for the next year, "Sarah: Spousal murder free for over a decade!"

And Bugs starts full blown football practice next week, and his first games are only a few days behind that.

So, all this and I'm grateful.

I am. We're happy, we're healthy (except for my hip), we're capable of finding things to keep us both busy and entertained. Mostly I'm grateful that tomorrow night marks one night closer to a night off.

As my priest asked the congregation (and now I find myself drawn back to this idea over and over),

"If you woke up with tomorrow, only the things you were grateful for today- what would YOU have?"

I'd have frozen malted milk ice pops; blue corn tostitos; diet coke; a night off coming up; a cousin who doesn't hate my children (that's why she'll babysit for me); and a healthy, happy family.

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