Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taking it back (to the old school)....

Well, I'm taking it back today, to one of my original posts. About the language I speak. And one of the words I like to use.

The word of the day is "multicool".

It's all one word, it's derogatory, and it's useful.

The definition of multicool? Well, I guess that it's hard to define.

No. No it's not.

You know that guy who lives about a block away from you? The one with the black or red a) Civic b) Mazda 6 Series or c) any Acura? He always has the stereo jacked up to "shrieking"?

He's probably listening to a good song- but if you drive behind him for a while, you'll notice he's got it on 'repeat' (he's trying to teach himself all the words before he hits the bar tonight- just so the girls at the bar will think he has MAD RAP SKILLS). He wears a tee shirt, with his celtic arm band/ tribal/ barbed wire tat showing? And a puffed vest? Ripped knee jeans? Occasionally, you'll see him with a shell necklace- but that's not often. Only the older ones do it. Shades, a hat (or visor) and ALWAYS drives with one arm out the window. Him.

He's multicool.

He's so busy doing ALL the "cool" things from the latest fashion, that he is COMPLETELY the opposite of cool. I've also heard this called, "Douchebaggery". True enough.

There is another form of multicool though. This applies to the woman. You know her too. You see her at the gym- wearing LuluLemon yoga pants and makeup? Her 'normal' attire is a skirt, a shirt that's too tight, and five inch heels? She's got a tan that wouldn't look real if she was an oompaloompa.

Every single one of her profile pictures was taken by herself- with the camera above her at arms' length. And she's making "duckface" in at least 190 of the 200 profile pics she has. She's not 18. She's 30+. This doesn't automatically classifies her as a "cougar"- because she isn't looking for someone younger.

She's looking for someone older- and richer. She is also multicool.

That's the word of the day b's and g's. Use it well.