Monday, May 28, 2012

I miss Tubby's.

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Oh, what to say...

 Uppity service. Under-seasoned, over-priced food. Beer is beer.

What is that word I like? Oh, yeah, that's right. Unimpressed.

I've been there once before, just after lunchtime on a Friday. The service was terrible- with as many servers/ bartenders as customers and we still never got refills. The food was sub standard and underseasoned then.

But then, I started thinking, maybe I just don't like it because I LOVED Tubby's Pizza and Charlie O's. Maybe I was biased.

I decided after work last night (9:30 pm on a Sunday) that I would swing over, have a beer and re-try the fish and chips ($17 a plate) because I was pretty disappointed last time when I ordered them.

So, I opened the bar doors. I walked within an arms' length of a waitress talking to a table of men. She looked RIGHT at me. Then she went to another table of men, left, brought them drinks. Left. Brought the first table (of men) drinks again. Left. I waited a full 10 minutes before I walked up to the bar and asked if it was bar service (it clearly wasn't, but I wanted to point out that I knew they were ignoring me).

The girls (there were 2 bar staff there) both looked at me like I was rude for interrupting them. When I asked if I could order a drink and look at a menu, they both were like, "Yeah, of course."

Well, how would I know that, since neither of you acknowledged me for the last ten minutes? Oh, wait, I'm a woman by myself, and you only appear to notice men who's wallets you want into....

Anyways, I decided on a pint and to try the fish and chips- maybe the last time I had it, it was just an 'off day'.

Well, it wasn't. At least it didn't take 40 minutes this time though.

The fish was slightly soggy. The batter was flavourless, lacked crunch and needed salt so badly.

The fries were fries. What else could I possibly say about them? I don't eat ketchup- I think it's gross, and I still put it on their fries. Because they didn't have any flavour either.

So, a pint and a plate, and it came to $23.50- not too bad, and the waitress who took my table ended up being pleasant enough.

But I won't be back. The initial lack of service, and the only barely palatable food just make me miss Tubby's more and more.

At least at Charlie O's when the server was rude (which happened occasionally), she was flat out rude- not just snobbish and uppity. But that's what happens when you hire for looks rather than skills.

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