Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brand New Kind of Meat Market

Because my hip was hurting me about a month ago, I went to see my GP, who suggested I'd strained my hip flexor and should ice it, take anti-inflammatory drugs and stay off it a bit (yes, I laughed directly in her face and said, "I have three kids and work 30 hours a week. I'm not staying off anything, anytime soon"). She also said I should go back in a couple weeks if it hadn't improved.

Well, not only has it NOT improved, it's gotten worse. Before, it only hurt the first couple steps I took, now, every single step I take is actual agony. It's not a pulled muscle, or tendon. It hurts when I transfer my weight to my left side. I don't know what that DOES mean, but I know it means "OW". I called the office and got an appointment tomorrow. But I felt like chopping my leg off today, so I thought going and getting an xray would be prudent, to take to her for tomorrow.

So off I went today to the Pan Am Sports Injury Clinic. I got there at about 8:10 am. I was #48. After ten minutes, they had a line up of 48 people.

Oh, that bodes well for my chances of sticking around long enough to see a doctor.

And the posted wait time was 5-6 hours. Hours. As in increments of time that are large enough that we accept our wages based on them.

Hours. So I waited. Quietly, patiently, and for a long, long time.

I admit, it wasn't so bad waiting. Plenty of things to look at. Like men. This was my first visit to Pan Am. I won't go back anytime soon for an injury; but, if I'm ever in the market for a new husband, I know now where to find one. All the good looking men in Winnipeg apparently have unanimously decided to hang out at Pan Am.

The ratio of good looking, well toned men -under 60- compared to the grocery store average was HIGH. I mean, every third seat had a smokin' hot looker in it. And I got hit on twice, wearing pj's, having bed hair and probably looking as snarky as I felt.

I bailed after 6 hours (yes, I actually stayed for 6 hours). I'd have left five hours sooner, but the guys were just too good looking. Except for one guy who picked his nose when he thought no one was looking at him- him, I could have done without.

So, I realized/ learned two things today: having an owwie sucks; and, finding a man at Pan Am would be like finding ice cream in my freezer- highly probable. I recommend my single lady friends (who are looking for a date) try hanging out at a nearby sports injury clinic, that place is loaded with testosterone and muscles.

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