Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brat's "Graduation"

My Brat graduated from Kindergarten today.

We pulled out her 'fancy' Easter dress last night, and laid it out for packaging today.

She sat ALMOST still while I braided her hair, and tucked the ends in nicely, smoothed the frizzies out and then she put on her makeup (just a sparkle paste that she smears all over her face for special occasions). She was so excited about her graduation ceremony.

I left for work, after packing her dress, and leaving specific instructions with Bugs to carry it for her on their way to school. Now, normally on Wed. when I leave for work, D is still awake and gets them out the door successfully on time. Today, because he had to be awake again so early for the graduation, he was in bed when the kids left.

So, off I went blithely going about my day. When I got to the church where they were having the ceremony, I saw Brat, coming down the aisle, tears streaming down her little face.

She was not wearing her fancy Easter dress. She was still wearing her school uniform. She came over to me as the kids passed by, and I asked, "Where's your dress baby?" She took one deep breath and screamed, "STUPID BUGS FORGOT IT!" and proceeded to wail and howl. So, I kissed her streaky face, told her she was beautiful no matter what she wore, and that I was so proud of her and that I loved her. She stopped crying, but she was clearly still furiously angry.

D went home as fast as he could and brought back her fancy dress. During a short song, Lilah did her quick change in the corner and went straight back into her spot and joyfully sung the rest of the songs.

All in all, it was an absolutely awesome time for us. Pictures to follow.

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