Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Little Bugs.

I had a wonderful day the other day, and I think a great portion of the reason for that is I was spending one on one time with my Bugs. Since I got pregnant with Monster a few years back, I haven't had much time to be alone with my big boy.

So this week, we made arrangements to spend some quality time alone together while we went to the movies and out for dinner. Just the two of us. It was so nice. We talked, we laughed, we walked around and we enjoyed the movie.

When he was younger, it was always just the two of us. Since the girls were born, it's been less and less time for just the two of us. And I miss that time. I miss that closeness that we've always had.  But Saturday, we had that time alone.  And it was incredible.

I miss my little boy; the way he couldn't say the letter "L" (always pronounced L's like N's); the way he asked to go for doughnuts at "Tim's Horton" or to eat at "Mickadonells". I miss the way he couldn't fall asleep for naps unless I held his hands still. Or the way he slept in the car no matter how long the ride was.

He's grown up so fast, and so well. There aren't many times when he chooses to hang out, just the two of us- and I cherish them all the more for that scarcity perhaps.

I love my kids. And even missing those toddler days- I STILL cannot wait for them all to move out.

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