Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am PC.

I'm going to come right out and say it. I am PC.

ACK! Not a Progressive Conservative (although I've been known to vote that way on occassion).

I believe in Pro-Choice.

I do NOT support the pro-life movement.

Nope. And not because I want to have an abortion. Not because I want to 'kill a baby' or any other horrifying rhetoric statement.

I believe in pro choice for one reason, and one reason only. Choice.

I believe each woman should be the SOLE person responsible for her sexual and reproductive health. We don't need anyone- not a doctor, not the government and not Church- telling us how to deal with our bodies.

I won't even begin to get into the 'right to life' debate. It's all been said before, in numerous ways.

As a grown ass woman, what I say is this:

If I were single, and found myself unexpectedly pregnant, should I choose to have an abortion, that would be my choice. The emotional consequences would be mine to bear alone. Should I choose to place my child for adoption, it would be my choice; but, I would not bear those consequences alone. I would be forcing my child to share that grief and loss of relationship; I would be forcing my whole family to endure that loss of relationship. If I chose to parent; once again, my choice, but again; the situation would be shared with the child and the rest of my family.

So, out of those three choices, only 1 of them affects solely the woman making the choice. The unborn fetus would not share an opinion because they would no longer exist- except to the woman who would still mourn that loss privately.

And pro choice is about much, much more than simply the abortion debate.

 Pro Choice is about the basic right to access good medical care. Birth control- so that less women find themselves with a surprise pregnancy. The right to choose what is best for our own lives and families.

It's about being able to make a mistake and not being made to feel like a monster, or a walking uterus for an infertile couple. Pro choice is only about choice, and being allowed to make an informed choice and being treated like we, collectively as adults, are competent to make those decisions for ourselves.

And before someone jumps on me with the whole "it's a baby!"  let me say:

The Arch Angel Gabriel came to Mary to ask her what her choice would be. She chose to have that baby. She chose to parent Jesus. But God wasn't going to force her to. What if she had said no?

And if God won't force a woman's hand, why should anyone else get to?

Here's a link to a great video- it had me in stitches

Women's Health Experts Speak Out

"Also it's a well known fact that women don't show up on camera." + "vaginas"= Funniest thing I've heard all day.

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