Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sometimes, being crazy is hilarious.

Sick again.

I am not a big sissy. I hardly ever hit the doctor's office. I mean, I need to be almost dead with a fever before I'll go to the doctor.

I have no 'issues' with doctors- I just have a hard time taking advantage of their time, because mostly I think I have a strong enough immune system to work it out myself.

That being said, I had strep throat just after New Year, and went to a walk in clinic (my doctor was still on holidays). The doc at the clinic was great, and prescribed the "anti-germy pills" (Thanks Brat).

I got better. Good. That's what the doctor is for.

However, my kids are all gross. They are all disease harbouring, germ-y hand touching, snotty nose wiping baboons. And they got me again. I'm pretty sure they've organized some sort of betting pool on who can sick me up fastest.

I woke up two days ago with a throat so sore I couldn't swallow, let alone talk. It hurt. I hurt. I had a headache, a fever and felt like a bag of puke- covered bones.

This morning I didn't feel as bad, but anticipated it could possibly get worse again. So, I called the doctor and made an appointment. I got Monster snugged into bed for her nap with Dada, and Brat and I left for the doctor (she was home from school because- gasp- she was sick with a chest cough). Darned kids.

We got saddled with a resident doctor, which was fine (so was he). He swabbed my throat, pointed out that it was pretty inflamed and looked super sore. I turned to answer one of Brat's many, many questions. When I looked again, the doctor was putting a pregnancy test into my throat swab.

I started laughing. I couldn't help it; a) I have a filthy mind and b) the second thought that hit me was the equivalent of 'pregnancy is the same as strep throat- and sometimes you let your strep throat grow into a baby'. Not true, but the mental process amused me so much I was virtually hysterical.

The doctor saw me laughing, and said quickly, "I know it's a pregnancy test but...." He trailed off, apparently disturbed by my continued (read: increased) laughter.

I tried to put him at ease, saying, "For God's sake, don't give me a pregnancy test, they keep coming back positive!" I had tears of laughter running down my cheeks. I was clearly not capable of interacting normally. Instead of being amused, he looked at me like I might need a referral for counselling. So I laughed some more. He left as soon as he could, after telling me it was viral, and I'd just have to wait it out. I was still laughing (mostly at his reaction by this point).

Sometimes, being crazy is hilarious. Sometimes I get laughing, and it's unstoppable (if you don't want to see it, don't ever be in the room when I'm on

I do love a good laugh.

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