Thursday, February 2, 2012

First of 12 Steps.

Why on Earth did I say the kids could have a sleep over tomorrow night?


Because I wasn't thinking. I wasn't paying attention. I was bubble shooting. I have an addiction. The first step in the road to recovery is admitting you are powerless over your addiction. Bubble shooter is just so much fun though.

I mean, it's pointless, useless and doesn't make sense at all. It's awesome. I have finished a game in under ten minutes- but not often.

And although there is no time limit, I simply can't walk away and leave the game 'just sitting there'.

Back on track.

Bubble shooter. THAT is how they tricked me. They know I don't listen to them when I am bubble shooting. So, they wait until I'm in the middle of a game, and ask me things they are pretty sure I wouldn't agree to if I'm listening. Because when I'm playing, I agree to anything.

"Mom, can I have cookies?"

"Huh, yeah, whatever."

They are sneaky children. So, a sleepover is imminent. And I guess, I'm okay with that.

We'll order pizza, they can watch Netflix, and I'll let them stay up until 6 pm.

What? 6 is plenty late. Oh, go lump. If you aren't coming over to help me wrangle these things, you don't get to make fun of me for sending them to bed so early.

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