Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Special Friend (well, five special friends)

I have one friend (but not only one), who has been a huge part of my life. When I first moved out of the house at 18 years old, and went away to university, I was all alone (I felt) in another city. All my 'best friends forever" from high school were off in other cities, in other places. I was so scared.

Then I met Tom. And he was a weird one. He looked completely insane, with hair popping up off his head (at the time, I didn't know he used a blow dryer every morning, to make it look that stupid), skinny as a rail, wearing 2XL shirts and pants. I thought he was a lunatic.

Then I got to know him a bit better as we lived in the same dormatory. I was right, he IS a lunatic.

But he's also been one of the best friends I ever made. We got to know each other better over that year, him, Jesse and I. The three of us were virtually inseparable. Jess' girlfriend (now wife) lived in another city, Tommy's lived in another dormitory, and I was dating as many different people as I could, trying to find someone I liked.

That first year was a great deal of fun. The second year, the boys and I rented an apartment near campus and that was even better (except that they are DISGUSTING). Since that first day of university, there were ups and downs for each of us. But the three of us spent almost three full years living within arm's reach of each other, and spending all our free time together as well. They were the best part of those years for me. Sometimes years go by when I don't get to see them (we now live so far away). But I know they are there if I need to see them, or talk to them.

I still have contact with them- enough that when Tom found out that he and his wife were pregnant, I was the second call he made. To be important enough for your friend to call you- anytime, even in the middle of the night, whether the news is bad or good, that's a special thing.

And I am so very proud, and feel so blessed that I am important enough to Tom and Stef that they needed me to know about their joy too.

I don't have many friends that I can call day or night, any time, for any reason. I have several hundred acquaintances on my facebook. People who, I am sure, are wonderful, special people- to somebody out there. I have about a dozen people I see regularly, that I think are awesome- but that I probably wouldn't call in the middle of the night just because I need to.
There are only five people that I know will always be there. My husband is my best friend- that should go without saying.

Tom is my laughter.

Krista helps bring my "misspent youth" back to me.

Michelle is my sounding board (and a bit of a role model for me).

And my newest friend may turn out to be another one of those special people that change your life and never let you down. If she's not- well, that's okay too, because she's still an incredible person.

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