Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm so lame, and I know it.

I admit it. I watched Twilight. Not the new one, but the previous ones. And I read the books. Now, to be fair, I only watched that first movie because a friend was over and she wanted to watch it. It was about what I expected (given that I hadn't heard anything at all about the movie, or the books before she mentioned it)- and I expected stupid.

But I can no longer claim ignorance as my defense for watching these movies. And I *have* watched all of the movies since then. Unfortunately for the hours of life which I'll never get back, more than once in a couple cases. I also read the books. Again, more than once.

I do NOT understand the fascination with these books. I don't understand why the teenage girls (and grown up women [me] love Jacob) love these movies/ Edward so much. But conversely, I don't understand the raging hatred for the books, movies, characters or the stigma around reading/ watching them.

Personally, I don't run around telling people I want to see the new movie, because I don't really care if I do. I'm not above watching it sometime though. And I realize that is the reason so many of you will think I'm lame.

But I've got so many WAY better reasons for you to think I'm lame. Here are a couple, free of charge: I also watch StarTrek (all of them, even Enterprise), StarWars, Firefly, Matlock and pretty much anything else I like. And I hope one day Gordon Ramsey decides he doesn't actually love his wife/ mother of his children and he wants to marry me instead. Fat chance, but still, a woman can dream.

So, I'll cop to being lame. I am. I once tried to learn Klingon, even so far as to practicing my pronunciation. (I almost wrote "pronounciation"- you know, when you're dealing only with pronouns.)

Anyhow, I don't hate Twilight. I think the vampires are rather stupid, but I do love me some young werewolves. And Bella is an idiot- but no stupider than I was at 17. And that's saying A LOT (I was remarkably stupid- if you knew me back then, you're probably just glad I grew up NOT to be a vampire).

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