Thursday, November 24, 2011

Random Bragging and Math.

Report cards came in today. And it's official.

My kids are smarter/ cooler/ more awesome than other completely normal kids are.

My boy got almost straight "A"s, except in his legibility.

My daughter got some very nice comments (in Kindergarten they don't grade)- except she's a bit flighty and overly talkative.

That's all. Combined, they are a metric tonne of awesomeness squared. Or a year of time cubed.

You can so cube a year of time. And a year of time cubed is roughly equal to how awesome my children are.

Equation proving above claim is:

MxMxM= T+L  where M= one year

See. Proof indisputable that my kids kick serious ass. If you need one, I can figure out the equation for your children and their awesomeness factor too.

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