Thursday, May 24, 2012

There I am.

This song pulled my heart out and wrung it completely dry. What would I do without them here to keep me awake? Every single line in the song resonated so deeply for me.

Where Am I- by Tara MacLean

My favourite lines are:

"Birthday parties. Bedtime stories. And I haven't slept through the night. Where am I?
Between the breakfast and the bandaids, bathtime and the braids- it's up to me to keep you alive. Where am I?"

One of the best songs about being a mother that I've ever heard. Love it.

There is no standing ovation for being a mother, and it is constant. And I almost always have at least one minute every day where I look around and say, "Where am I? What was I doing?"

And yes, when I look into their eyes, there I am. That's what I was doing. And what I'm doing I'm doing well.

And again yes, I liked the song so very much that I went and bought it.

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