Monday, May 21, 2012

Summertime fun.

I love summer.

I love the sounds of summer.

I love the long days, the warm evenings, the cool nights. I just plain love summertime.

I love to swim, and to spend hours down by our pool with the kids. Letting them swim in the summer sun, play with friends, have frozen fruit kabobs.

The smell of their skin after a day of sun and sunscreen. The way it makes them happy to play in the water with each other.

Going to my fathers' cabin out of the city for a couple nights, and that feels like a holiday. Staying up late and talking while I toast my feet over a bonfire that is too big.

Using the BBQ to cook everything- even when that is slightly unreasonable. Having a crab bake with friends, making huge vats of potato salad, and ribs and pineapple delight (I'll leave a recipe on my "Cookies" page- my gramma used to make it, it's so easy, and sooooooo good).

The fact that this year my son is in football, and we'll get to go cheer him and his teammates on during his practices and then during football games. That Monster will be having her very first swimming lessons at the YMCA (I think it's incredibly important that children learn early to swim independently so they don't drown). The fact that Brat will get to do swimming, and gymnastics and have sleep overs.

All in all, on this fine May day, I can't wait for summer. Because after summer is fall. And the only season I love more than summer is fall. Happy days. Enjoy your summer, enjoy your fall. Enjoy ALL your days.


  1. I love this! We, on the other side of the globe, are approaching winter :D

  2. Well, I do enjoy wintertime too... Skating, tobogganing, hot chocolate and Christmas... Wait?!?!?! I would hate winter there if I couldn't have Christmas too. Enjoy your winter and have fun.


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